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Israel Railways

Israel Railways is the state-owned principal railway company responsible for all inter-city, commuter, and freight rail transport in Israel.
H. Landman Consulting has provided Scheduling and PMO services to various railway programs, including railways, railway stations, and more

Epstein Engineering

A. Epstein & Sons International is one of Israel's largest and leading engineering companies in management of building and infrastructure projects.
H.Landman Consulting has provided Scheduling services in major infrastructure programs.

Yahel Engineers

Yahel Engineering has extensive experience in the design, development, management and control of complex engineering projects.
H. Landman Consulting provides scheduling services in several construction and infrastructure programs


Moriah - Jerusalem Development Corporation, established by the Jerusalem Municipality in order to perform for the municipal government, the Israel Lands Administration, the Jerusalem Development Authority and other public bodies on infrastructure development projects in Jerusalem.
H. Landman Consulting has provided scheduling services in various major roads projects.

Ayalon Highway

Ayalon Highways is a company specializing in the management of government infrastructure projects and land transport company also is responsible for the construction and development of urban traffic arteries
H. Landman Consulting has provided Scheduling and Projects Control services

Cargal Group

Waxman Govrin Geva

The WXG Group unites leading companies working in project management, construction management, and supervision in the field of civil engineering.
H.Landman Consulting has provided Scheduling services to major railway program and to an infrastructure project.

Tafnit Wind

TCM Engineering

T.C.M Engineering Ltd. is a strategic consulting company specializing in schedule management for engineering and construction programs.
H. Landman Consulting has provided the following services: forensic scheduling, claims support.