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A key criteria for project succes is the completion of a project on time. In order to ensure the timely completion of a project, you need to schedule projects carefully. 

We specialize in providing Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling and project controls. Our consultants are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating and monitoring program and project schedules, as well as the governance tools and presentation needed. All these, are tailored to our clients' specific needs.

We use standard industry scheduling methods (AACEI, PMI and more) and various project management softwares in order to develop and monitor the status of the projects. We help you to keep track of your schedule, to raise flags when we spot problems, and recommend corrective actions.

The scheduling service has been provided to various industries starting Construction & Infrastructure to Software and IT projects

Scheduling Services include:

  • Schedule management plan
  • Program & Project schedules
  • Developing various levels of schedules
  • Schedule analysis, and identification of schedule risks, suggestions to avoid or mitigate these risks
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling and analysis
  • Schedules update and maintenance
  • Resource and Cost Loaded Schedules
  • Earned value management (EVM)
  • Scheduling courses
  • Scheduling Tools courses - such as MS Project